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Squireel is a new kind of service merging complete tools with a social network and a selling platform for professionals and collectors of movies, series, video games, mangas, comics and so on... We are bringin you everything you need in one clic.

Expose your collections, explore and discover other's and sell or complete them with our professional's online markets

Thanks to its simple, efficient and complete interface, it has never been so easy to manage your collections and products.

Efficient & simple

Expose your collections

Squireel allows you, collector, to expose and manage your collection in a community filled with passionate people just like you. Your collections are the outcome of many year of passion and deserve to be exposed.

Create your collections, add and organize your items and share everything in a few clics.

For shy people, your collections can stay privates in order to be only accessible by you.

Be connected

Follow your favorite collectors & professionals

By following your favorite collectors and professionals, don’t never miss anything of their own activity.

Be notified as soon as something interesting happens on their profile or market.


Discuss about anything

Take part in many kind and interesting topics discussions with other members of the community.

You can ask and find informations about everything you are interested in. Enjoy it!

More surprises !

Even more features...


Buy or sell items from your collections and products through our selling platform and professional's online markets.

Discover items
& collections

Explore a bunch of collections and items exposed by the community to discover new and rare ones.

Get feedback from
the community.

Your are part of an expert community. Enjoy it to get feedback and advices for your collections.


Did you spot any amazing item ? You can favorite it to keep it in your list to watch or to buy it later.

Follow your

Stay up to date by tracking your follower’s and Squireel’s activity.

Get fresh news

Thanks to our blog, get fresh news everyday and be notified as soon as something important is going on.

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